The Manifestation of Our Work

As a result of the intervention and prevention measures being implemented by our program, All THAT anticipates that in 2019 more than 500 at-risk youth will participate in the program by year-end with movement in the following areas:

Goal: 80% of teens attending after school programming will improve their grades by one or more grade level.

Goal: 50 or more students participate in paid workforce development training opportunities and will increase their ability to attain and retain employment at a living wage threshold. All THAT assists students in attaining OSHA 10 and CPR/First Aid certifications to prepare them for quality jobs.

Goal: 80% of teens participating in our after school and summer program attend 4 or more college, technical and trade school, or business exposure tours.

Goal: 80% of teens participating in financial literacy workshops increase their ability to prepare a basic budget and improve their financial management skills. Students learn how to support themselves through employment and become knowledgeable about the amount of money required to afford the basic level of necessities such as, housing, food, transportation, and health care.

Goal: 150+ students and their families participate in the family night or Coffee and Conversation workshops with presentations from community agencies that equip them to eat nutritious foods, find stable housing, engage in their community.

  1.  Establish the All THAT Center for Excellence
  2. Increase the number of students and schools served
  3. Enhance program content
  4. Increase transportation capabilities for students and their families.
  5. Expand computer lab to include updated hardware and software.
  6. Provide comfortable furniture, lighting, and engaging photos throughout our facility.
  7. Increase collaborations with churches, schools, businesses, colleges, and trade schools to recruit caring adults to share their life experiences with our students.
  8. Increase employment opportunities for students and their families