The Scope of Our Work

Imagine teens working together – engaged… hopeful… curious… participating in purposeful, life-enhancing, community building activities.

Picture teens previously considered “at-risk” looking forward to graduation – confident that they are qualified to succeed in life.Previously defiant, angry, disengaged teens are excited to learn new skills and are working hand-in hand with community leaders to revitalize their neighborhood. Students are thriving, attending school consistently and interacting well their peers. High performing teens are producing a ripple effect and reducing chronic absenteeism and drop-out statistics at their local schools.

Teens are exploring their neighborhoods, attending college and trade school tours, arts festivals and educational events that feed both their minds and souls. Local businesses are investing employee time in our program weekly so that their top-notch staff can personally model ethical behavior and demonstrate the expertise and skills that students need to succeed.

Leaders from industries of all types are tapping into this under-utilized field of diamonds and building their workforce with raw, untouched talent previously considered unemployable.Students, their family members, staff, and community leaders are working together in unity, experiencing success by fulfilling their commitments as good citizens; and living lives grounded in values and ethics.Our community is producing upstanding citizens that are taking their stand as tomorrow’s leaders.The once neglected Shady Lane Presbyterian Church has been transformed into an inviting, inclusive Community Outreach Center where all who enter feel welcome and valued.