The Statement of Our Work

We are caring adults who provide insight and guidance to disconnected teens who are at risk of becoming angry, frustrated, unemployable adults with drug, alcohol, and violence issues. We mentor, develop and empower teens by helping them attain certifications, explore and prepare for 21st century careers, build character, and apply skills needed to earn a stable, living wage incomeOur Tribe: We are a diverse and mutually supportive community of caring adults; teens; their family members; business and community leaders; residents and volunteers – individuals who look to enhance the life-changing decisions being made by teens in our community.Our Cause: We are fighting FOR strong families and empowered teens who understand their worth and are hopeful about tomorrow. Teens who are willing to work hard, study hard and learn to support themselves and their community.Our Space: Our tribe engages students on-site at local schools, detention centers and at our headquarters located at 4117 E. Livingston Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.