The Pillars of our Work

We Mentor teens – In group settings, we share our knowledge and life experiences to help teens maintain their motivation when all seems pointless.  We purposefully build and encourage healthy relationships among all who participants and embrace the positive side of all of life’s situations. With help from local agencies, colleges and universities we offer a diverse array of programming which provides an open forum for students to design their own solutions to the numerous challenges that they face. As students share their aspirations, we build critical thinking and resilience skills so that they are prepared to succeed in school and beyond. We provide homework help, tutoring, group reading, arts and crafts, relaxation space, group activities, outdoor activities, meetings with community leaders, family events, and transportation into the community and on field trips.

We Develop our Future Workforce – In partnership with local business leaders, we expose teens to the many exciting career opportunities that await them upon graduation, encouraging them to pursue their goals and dreams and prepare for success in the workplace. All THAT is a hub for business and future leader collaborations and local businesses seek graduates of our Workforce Development Program to fill open positions at their organizations. Our All THAT “Badge of Excellence” is widely recognized as a symbol of honor and students are given paid internship opportunities where they are hired on as permanent employees after completing a successful probation period. We empower our students to take part in exposure field trips and college tours while simultaneous developing ethical skills that will allow them to soar when they enter the workforce.

We Empower teens – Using evidence and research based tools, we enhance students’ life skills so that they are empowered to break the cycle of poverty and despair; will stop the senseless violence; and can thrive in their overall well-being.  Students participate in cooking classes, mock-interviews, entrepreneur and financial literacy seminars where they are  empowered to remain substance free, grow the value of every dollar they make, pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, engage in healthy relationships, avoid the abuse of drugs and alcohol and maintain healthy bodies.